Wedding Design Ideas On A Budget

With the economy the way it is, one way to save a little money is to do your wedding reception decor – on a budget. I know, I know, everyone wants those “bling” weddings you see on tv, but you can have something just as personal and beautiful as them – without spending your life savings and your future children’s college education funds. How you ask? By using your resources. Sounds simple, but most couples that don’t hire a wedding consultant don’t get this part of planning a wedding. For instance, most venues will supply just white or ivory linens at no additional charge along with usually some really funky looking or plain banquet chairs. One way to add some shine to your wedding day is use those white or ivory linens that the venue provides and then add a colored overlay in your wedding colors. Not only will you save about $20+ dollars by not renting the under linen, but you’ll still add color to your reception by using either an organza (semi see thru) or satin overlay. If you still want to hide the chairs you can use the new stretch chair covers with no sashes and save yourself about $1.75 per chair. The new stretch chair covers come in a ton of colors and you can mix and match or make each table very unique. So you’ll be spending about $4 per chair rather than $6.50 or more! Be sure to check out our website for more information on renting these items – at a way lower price than you can find in this area!!

One thought on “Wedding Design Ideas On A Budget

  1. greensborogardens says:

    Good Morning Veronica,Loving Affordable!!I just wrote an article on my blog about affordable fresh greenery to decorate the outdoors for weddings.If you have July 2 free, please join me as my guest in the basement of Anton's from 12-1:30. I will be the keynote speaker talking more about affordable ideas.I love all the pictures on your blog!!Happy PlantingDiana

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