Meeting Colin Cowie

Its Thursday November 13th and I just got back last night from Newport Beach, California. I attended a wedding industry seminar put on by the Association of Bridal Consultants called the Business of Brides. ( As NC State Coordinator I got to experience a little more than most of the attendees. One of the greatest things I got to experience was listening to Colin Cowie speak and offer advice to planners. He showed us how he goes from Floor plan to rendering to real live events. He also told us that he would love to do Barak Obama’s Ball on January 20th!! Talk about hisotry in the making. Anyway, there is just way too much information to post in one blog about the Annual Conference. The only other thing I must say is that if you are an aspiring wedding planner then this is an event that you shouldn’t miss. If you are a bride – Make sure you hire the best — You’ll know this by visiting and searching for a local wedding planner in your area. Otherwise – you are getting a second rate planner! Check out a few of the photos from the event – I actually took over 300 pictures!!


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