Destination Weddings & Honeymoons – Cayman Islands

Wow! Let me tell you…if you have the opportunity to visit the Cayman Islands, please do so! How beautiful the islands are and how wonderful the service and people!

They Cayman Islands are just an hour south of Miami, Florida, so its not too far off the states, which makes a plane flight a reasonable expense!

The Cayman Islands also have 250 different diving sites – each site is filled with shallow reefs of color fish, ship wrecks and more. Everyone will have a grand time diving or snorkling in 80 degree water.

For weddings the max guests that I think the island and its venues can hold is 200. Its also fantastic for a wedding for a wedding for two. There are countless picturesque locations that would make your photos just stand out.

Also in the Cayman Islands you can actually get married the same day you arrive on the island, unlike some islands where you have to wait sometimes from 3 days to a whole week! You will be required to have a passport and you must complete an Immigration Form upon arrival, not to mention the fact that you MUST have a return flight booked before you can get out of the airport!


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