HOPE, is President

This year is a very exciting year for me, for many of us really, but I can only speak for myself. In a day and a half Mr. Barak Obama becomes President of the United States of America. I’m not going to call him President Obama, I’m going to call him HOPE. For 8 years now our country, our economy, and our families have been in such turmoil, that when HOPE takes his pledge for office thousands of tears will be shed, hundreds of my own.

I am so ready for a wonderful and powerful 2009, as I’ve already been blessed way to much and its only January 19th. Sometimes I wonder why I deserve such blessings and then other times I wonder what did I do to deserve these problems, but with each day comes a new challenge, a new learning experience and a new life.

For January 20th a HOPE enters our lives and I know that HOPE will stand up to the challenge left to him by his predecessor. Nothing happens overnight, but I have a feeling that HOPE is jumping in head first and will make a difference for us as quickly as HOPE can. What’s phenomenal is that he is what all of us have been looking for….a light at the end of the tunnel.

These of course are my opinions and may not be shared by all, but one thing we needed in my lifetime was HOPE, after 9/11 and many, many other tragedies, HOPE is really all we have left.


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