Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

I noticed this blog from another planner, not sure which website but I thought it was interesting and wanted to share:

I regularly receive inquiries from brides-to-be who are looking for a wedding planner and want pricing information on our wedding packages. Some want to schedule a meeting. However, some I never hear from again (even after following up with them) and some quickly let me know the price isn’t in their budget. They were only looking to spend $300-$500. What?? I need someone to explain to me how you can pay $3000-$5000 to rent a venue (not inclusive of a caterer), $2500-$4500 for a photojournalist photographer (and the list goes on and on) but only want to spend $300 on a wedding planner. Some couples don’t realize that a professional planner will make sure that all vendors arrived timely and that everything is setup correctly at that venue. You won’t have to worry about the details or issues that may arise because your planner is on top of it. This means you have peace of mind and your photojournalist photographer will be able to take pictures of you smiling and having the time of your life.Wedding Planner prices usually are indicative of their professional experience, number of years in the business or the services included in their packages. I’ve said all this to say, some couples will be happy with their inexpensive (and usually inexperienced) planner and everything will work out well while others find out later (sometimes when it’s too late) that you get what you pay for. Check out this post from Blue Orchid Designs about a bride-to-be who isn’t completely satisfied with her inexpensive planner.I discourage shopping by price alone. There are so many other factors to consider so choose wisely!


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