Candy Bar Buffet

Just recently we’ve added a great service/item to our lists – The Candy Bar Buffet. I know you’ve seen them on TV and maybe at a local wedding, but I think this is such a great idea! Its so beautiful when set up correctly, the guests have a lot of fun with it, and it services as a desert and favor for the bride and groom – saving them lots of money. Now of course you can go out and purchase jars, scoopers and candies yourself and create your own bar. But then what do you do with the jars and scoopers, linens, signs etc after the wedding is over? Also during the event who refills the candy? Who makes sure the area is clean? Answers guests questions? Sets up the candy bar and removes it at the end of the night?

It never suprises me on what brides say – “oh, I’ll have my mom or a friend do it”. To be honest – I’ve yet to see it done! The mother of the bride, bridesmaid, friend, etc like to have fun at the wedding and tend to let things that should be done by a professional fall by the wayside. Our prices are very low (to start with) as it is new to this area so be sure to reserve your date ASAP, as I’m guessing at these prices and with this service dates will close up fast!

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