Weekend Weddings

Weekend weddings are a lot of fun if you have a lot of out of town guests or a small invite list. Some couples do a huge rehearsal dinner BBQ for the wedding party and the out of town guests on Friday, Saturday would be an activity in the morning then the ceremony and reception in the evening, then Sunday would be a nice brunch before everyone gets in planes or cars to head on home.

Its a fantastic way for both families to mingle and get to know one another and it even makes the wedding reception a lot more fun! With pre- and post-wedding events it takes careful planning to make sure that everyone is occupied, but not overwhelming to guests. The ideal schedule would be to mix spontaneous and well planned events. The key – Every wedding needs a scheule, no matter how big, how many days, or how small.

Some of the activites could even be having the guys play football that morning or going to a pro game, having the girls do a spa morning, but the bride and groom should attend no matter what. If you want to have a mixed outting do a tour of some historical sites or even visit a zoo! The more planned events are your ceremony and reception. Make sure that you introduce everyone to each other and just have fun!


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