Types of Receptions – Brief Descriptions

There are five main types of wedding receptions what you do with them is limitless, these were created over in England and matched with their feeding times, heres the breakdown:


Ceremony held at 9 or usually 10am and is paired with a breakfast or brunch reception. Light and elegant. If you do breakfast you should include different types of breakfast items and fresh fruit if you want alochol (just a little) do a mimosa! Oranges and Yellows, white and the brighter pastel colors work well with a morning ceremony and reception. Also fantastic for smaller budgets without appearing to have a smaller budget. A wedding cakte – sure better for a brunch, but you can do really cute little pasteries instead also!


Ceremony begins at 11 or 12 am and is paired with a light lunch. Can serve chicken, finger sandwiches, pastas with a soup and salad. Again light and airy colors work best for this type of reception. Cocktail hour can occur AFTER all of your guests have eaten, you can even have the Ceremony after the lunch!! Wedding cake, sure or do different types of pasteries or cup cakes.
Ceremony should begin about 1pm – 2pm and is just as it states a Tea. Champagne or punch is great for this type along with tea and coffee. For the meal you would have finger foods and wedding cake. As for colors muted tones are good, browns, tans, greens, more natural tones.


Ceremony would begin between 3 and 4 pm. Minimum decor is needed here, can use tall cocktail tables and very small centerpieces, not much seating would be needed here. Open Bar is norm or beer/wine with signature drink, hot hors d’oeurves should be passed out or put on a buffet table.

Dinner (Most Common)

Ceremony begins about 5pm – 6pm. Can do buffet or plated dinner, should include a hot meal, full tables. Should get really creative with this one as much as you can as guests expect to be fed. For colors the sky is the limit, try jewel tones like burgundy and golds, browns and deep purples, fushia’s etc. Patterns are great this year and should be utilized also. Wedding cake is expected from guests for this type of reception.
Hope these descriptions help! We’d love to sit down with you and help design your wedding ceremony and reception! Call us to set up an appointment today!

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