Your Wedding On A Budget

With all that is going on in the world everyone is trying to save money, let me give you some ideas from a professional view:

1. Hire a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING COORDINATOR!! Not only do we help you release stress, but when you hire us from start to finish we SAVE you money!!

2. Create your wedding budget. Decide what you want to spend each month on your wedding times that by how many months to go and thats your budgeted wedding amount. Then take that amount and divide it up among the different vendors and other wedding items you’ll need & want.

3. Keep your bridal party small – can’t say anymore on this one!

4. Consolidate your purchases – if you purchase items all from one person or business they may give you a discount, plus it will be easier to keep track of what you spend and when they come in.

5. Keep your menu simple. Your guests don’t have to choose, chicken, beef or fish, just offer one meat and vegitarian options like pasta.

6. Choose another time for your reception.

7. Use a hotel…then you won’t have to rent tables and chairs etc and times are open, staff is good and usually they have linens and centerpieces that you can use also.

8. Don’t serve alochol – oops!! Just saved you over $1,000 right there!

A professional wedding coordinator can be found at or and as you cruise the web – look for the ABC logo!!

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