Rehearsal Dinners

This is one thing that the tradition seems to be going away with, I love formal rehearsal dinners. I also love a good BBQ and that seems to be the trend now a days. It does lend an air of relaxation where both families can meet and enjoy themselves, but at a good formal one – they can do the same. So what do you do? Go with your own tasts – and budget of course! Usually the groom’s family hosts the rehearsal dinner.

Before the rehearsal dinner though you should have the actual rehearsal of the wedding ceremony. The only people that need be present are the actual bridal party members…it makes for a quicker much easier rehearsal.

For the rehearsal dinner you should also use a theme, make it interesting, make the theme the place where you are going for your honeymoon, or make it all about the groom, since the wedding day is all about the bride, have fun with it. They can be held in restaurants, back yards, beaches and other fun and different locations.

Don’t forget your attendant and parent gifts, this is where you’ll give them those that you purchased – or made! Also take a few minutes to tell your loved ones why you are marrying each other – it makes for a loved filled wedding day!


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