Burning Candles Successfully & Beautiful Candle Centerpieces

Candlelight is a great mood enhancer. It is probably one of the easiest ways to add instant atmosphere to any room. Available in a huge array of sizes, shapes and wax “types” leads to a few questions on how to best care for your candles. Here are a few tips and tricks that may add to your experience and extend the life of your candles:

Burn your pillar candle one hour for every inch of its diameter. This will aid in a more even burn because the candles wax has more time to burn to the outter rim of the candle.
Before you light your candle, trim the wick to one- quarter inch. Repeat every time you light the candle. This will ensure a clean, smoke-free burn. Invest in superior quality candles – they are virtually smokeless.
Candles need oxygen. If you burn a candle in a confined area it may smoke. Consider the size of the room and the location of the candles. Avoid drafty locations.
To guard your candles against fading, avoid placing them in direct sunlight.
Store your candles in a dry, cool, dark place.
Wax candle adapters are the easiest way to hold a taper candle in place and prevent it from tipping over. The soft wax is pliable and sticks to both holder and candle.

1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
2. Keep candles out of the reach of children.
3. Always place your candles on sturdy, non-flammable holders, in sizes appropriate for the candles.
4. Never burn a candle completely. Dispose of it when it burns to within one inch of the base.
5. Remember to remove the labels on your candles.

Memory Candles
Memories Show love and respect for those who have passed away with a beautiful vase or photo holder. Each piece is printed with “In Loving Memory.” Memory Candle The memory candle is 9″ tall, 3″ diameter and is printed with “the light shines as a symbol of a life and love remembered.” You may personalize the candle with two names of those whose memories you are honoring. Names and verse are printed in the lettering shown. Choose an ink color for personalizing the candle. The memory candle will ship separately from the rest of your order. · Please note: Production time may be up to 2 weeks. $42.90 each Memory Vase The vase measures 7 3/4″ and has the following verse printed in white “these flowers bloom as a symbol of life and love remembered.” $25.90 each

Centerpiece Candles
Glass Cylinder Gel Candles Add a colorful glow to your wedding with these glass cylinder gel candles. An attractive complement to any wedding theme. Lavender Gel Candle The frosted cylinders measure 4″ tall, and the gel candles inside are softly tinted lavender to make them an attractive complement to any wedding theme. $6.95 each Pink Gel Candle The frosted cylinders measure 4″ tall, and the gel candles inside are softly tinted pink to make them an attractive complement to any wedding theme. $6.95 each

Personalized Unity Candles
Oil Unity Candles Try this 8″ glass cylinder unity candle, featuring a long white wick in clear oil. Two entwined hearts are etched in white above your personalization. Personalize with up to 6 lines of 13 characters per line. 22 oz. Clear Oil $19.90 each Oil Unity Candle (Blank) $40.90 each Oil Unity Candle (Personalized) Please specify personalization. $44.90 each

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