Who pays for what at my wedding?

You have a dream wedding planned in your mind, but do you know who’s going to pay for what at the wedding?

Traditionally, the bride’s family would pick up the tab but with the average cost of a wedding skyrocketing, and more couples getting married later in life, these traditional roles are far from set in stone.

Some Senarios:

The Brides Family – All reception costs, ceremony costs, flowers for both ceremony and receptioin, brides wedding dress and accessories, invitations, announcements, programs, and mailing costs, favors, photography, transporation, their own travel expenses and attire.

The Grooms Family – The rehearsal dinner, their own travel expenses and attire, a wedding present.

The Bride – A gift for the groom, her hair, makeup and beauty treatments, gifts for her attendants.

The Groom – The marriage license, the brides engagement and wedding ring, the honeymoon, a gift for the bride, the brides bouquet, gifts for his attendatns, corsages for the mothers and grandmothers, boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party, fee for the officiant.

About Behind The Scenes Inc
We are a full service wedding and event planning company, based out of Greensboro, NC. We retail invitations and wedding accessories, we also provide our clients with fine linen and centerpiece rentals. Give us a call to set up an appointment at 336-375-3164 or visit our website at http://www.behindthescenesinc.com/


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