Need A Ketubah?

Get Your Free $25 Gift Certificate Today!

In these hard financial times I know we are all looking for a bargain. We are going to give you a great bargain! Behind The Scenes Inc and Ketubah Ketubah ( are here to help you do just that with your Jewish or Interfaith wedding. Ketubah Ketubah is the leading provider of reasonably priced, limited edition, fine art Ketubahs. With our incredible selection, variety of texts, unparalleled service, and prices starting at $100, we are proud to offer a Ketubah for every taste and budget.

The Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is our exclusive line of Ketubahs that delivers on what matters most to couples. They are easy, fast and affordable. Each Signature Collection Ketubah is printed with archival papers and inks, and bears the artist’s signature. Editions are limited to 433, the numerical value of the Hebrew word “Ketubah”.

Just e-mail us with your name, address and phone number and get a $25 Gift Certificate. It’s valid on any Signature Collection Ketubah that is ordered with Personalization. “Personalization” means that we take care of filling in the couple’s names, wedding date and location in the Ketubah text.

Its that easy!

Be sure to visit our website at we’ve gone through and done some updating, added pricing for rentals and more!

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