Bridal Jewelry Rental / Leasing For Your Wedding

At Adorn Brides you’ll find elegant wedding jewerly made from genuine precious metals, diamonds and pearls, timeless pieces that will ensure you look your best with the finest bridal jewelry on your wedding day. Peruse through our selection of high-quality bridal jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings all in the most popular styles. And prepare to experience the intimate touch genuine fine jewelry brings to your wedding day.
So, go ahead, view our bridal jewerly selection to find that perfect piece of jewelry. And begin leasing your way to luxury. After all, this is your special day. Make sure it’s perfect.

Rent Bridal Jewelry For Your Wedding: Our Process
Leasing wedding jewelry is an exciting new concept, and Adorn Brides is proud to be the first to bring it to you. Rent jewelry for your wedding to wear the finest elegant bridal jewelry on your special wedding day!

Your Bridal Jewelry Rental – Step I
When you’re ready to begin the process, simply:
Enter your wedding date
Pick what type of bridal jewelry you’re seeking (bracelet, necklace, earrings) and,
Find a style that suits your wedding style best. Be sure to order early for the best selection!
Your Bridal Jewelry Rental – Step II
Once your bridal jewelry order has been placed, a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of the total lease price will be charged to your credit card.Your wedding jewelry package will be shipped directly to you, arriving two days prior to the wedding event date. Please note that an amount equal to approximately 5% of the retail value of the jewelry will be reserved on your credit card during this time as a security deposit.
Your Bridal Jewelry Rental – Step III
After the candles have been blown out and the guests have gone home, simply pack up the bridal jewelry in the enclosed pre-addressed packaging. Just take the jewelry to your local UPS Store or UPS drop box the first business day after the wedding event to send it back.When we receive the bridal jewelry, we’ll remove the security deposit reserve from your credit card account and charge the remaining 75% of the lease price. It’s that easy.
In additon.. just for reading this blog…we are going to give you a 20% discount off your rental price!! At checkout just type in code: NCBC2001. Now…just get ready to look good on your wedding day!

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