Save The Date

Save the Date cards have become increasingly popular, as people seem to get busier and busier. By saving the date, bridal couples can ensure that their closest friends and family will be able to share in their important date. Many bridal couples today consider a Save the Date card as a must-have for their wedding. If you are a bride and you aren’t sure if you need save the date cards or not, please consider the following:

· When is the wedding? Save the Dates are typically sent 6-8 months in advance of the wedding. Does that time frame work with your schedule?

· Are many guests coming from out of town? One of the most important reasons to send Save the Dates is to allow people to make travel arrangements ahead of time. Some guests may find that travel is too costly if they wait until right before the wedding to make their plans.

· Are you planning a destination wedding? Again, a Save the Date will allow your guests ample time to make their travel arrangements to they can be there to share in your day.

· Do the bride or groom come from a large family, where another wedding might pop up on the same date? Save the Dates will ensure that your date is saved for you, not someone else.

· Is your wedding date around a holiday? Many bridal couples will marry on or around a holiday, to give guests extra time to travel. If this is the case, you’ll want to send Save the Date notices to close friends and family before they make other holiday plans.

If you have decided you want to send out Save the Dates, there are no etiquette rules that govern them, however you should consider the following guidelines:

· Notices don’t have to be sent to everyone on your guest list, however, everyone on your Save the Date list should receive an Invitation. You should include close friends and family – especially those who live out of town and will have to travel.

· It’s easy to be creative when sending out Save the Dates since there are many different varieties and designs available, including magnets, stickers, postcards and more traditional cards.

· If a couple has a wedding website, be sure the Save the Date includes the website address, so those receiving the notices know where to look for additional information.

· Six to eight months before the wedding is typical, however it is not uncommon for Save the Dates to be sent up to a year before the wedding, especially if there are many out of town guests, for a destination wedding, or for a holiday date.

· Be sure to include a note on the Save the Dates that a formal invitation will follow. This is helpful for those guests who may confuse the Save the Date for the invitation, and who might wonder where the details are!

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