Destination Wedding Seminar

This past Sunday I attend the Destination…Success! Seminar in New Bern, NC and had information overload! So this week I plan on implementing some of the wonderful tips and tricks I have learned in both planning Destination Weddings and marketing my business correctly.
For any wedding professional that missed the event – sorry, but you really did miss out on some really great information.  Hopefully you’ll consider attending our next Statewide event in April 2010 in Asheville.
Lisa Light presented information on some of the best ways to help brides plan their destination weddings and gave great tips on how to market your business to destination brides, for those inbound and outbound.
Mary Kurek presented information on social marketing and the impact that is currently having in all modes of business and the impact to the wedding industry
Joan Rodriquez presented information how Destination Weddings are handled with the Sandals and Beaches resorts in the Carribean.
Eric Hause presented information on website creation and some of the best ways to find your business at the top of google – without paying for it!
In addtion the location site – Carolina Colours was so beautiful! If you are a bride getting married in New Bern – make that your first stop!!
I’ve included in the blog some great photos from the event.  They will all be posted soon on our website at  If you click on professional events there is a link for photos from all of our past events.
See you at the next one!

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