Thank You

I am a truly blessed person.  This past weekend was fantastic!  I attened (and organized) the event called – Destination…Success!! Lisa Light a world renowned wedding planner that specializes in Destination Weddings was our main speaker.  She really re-energized the group and I learned a lot from her.  She was just so nice and down to earth.

Also since I currently act as North Carolina State Coordinator for the Association of Bridal Consultants I get to plan some really fantastic events.  The other coordinators in our Association thought to suprise me with two really fantastic gifts.  And boy did they! I did cry – I just couldn’t help it.  I love them all so very much, as much as they say that I support them and help them, they do the same if not more for me.  This position has really given me the opportunity to spread my wings and make some really wonderful friends.  The gifts were so thoughtful and beautiful.  They gave me a beautifully handcrafted jewerly box with a real butterfly encased in the glass along with a wonderful necklace that has a butterfly wing also encased in glass.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love butterflies.  For me its a symbol of growth and rejuvination.

All of our North Carolina members are so very special to me.  I can’t thank the ABC enough for giving me this position, not only to plan events, but to meet such wonderful women who have become such wonderful friends.

Thank you!


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