What is your wedding chair style?

One of the things that I sometimes love and then sometimes hate about my job is actually the wedding chair – A lot of hotels and event venues have really ugly chairs, but they do match the red,blue, yellow, orange and green swirl carpet (that is another story).  Anyway, one of the really great ways to really set off your decor is the chair that your guests sit in.  I’ve complied some photos of different chair styles that you could use for your own wedding.

The blue ones below are actually tops that go over chavari chairs, with the royal blue lighting and matching linens you really didn’t need any centerpieces! This photo is from the Association of Bridal Consultants annual conference – a lunch that we attended.

The photo below are the satin self wrapped chair covers (because the chairs were large) and then added a bow.  For the reception we removed the bow, tied the self wrapped chairs and did a two for one deal with a totally different look!
The typical color chair cover and satin bow wrap. This one has a diamond ring within the ribbons
Other chair covers you can condsider:
If  you really HATE chair covers then there are other options to – other than of course the chavari chair which everyone uses.  See below for some other great options.
Above is the fantastic Ghost Chair – availble in all colors but I still think the clear is the best! What shine and ads a little – WOW! to your reception!
Above are some chair rentals from Chamelon, talk about wow – not only that but the above come in all different colors!
Why not treat your guests with something great to sit in – and look at!
A lot of brides and designers may not think that the chair is important, but if you want to produce that event with a little punch – don’t forget the chair!!
Feel free to contact us with any questions on where to get the rentals above for your event!

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