Maxie B’s Bakery & Dessert Cafe

On Monday I had the opportunity to accompany one of our brides to Maxie B’s to design her wedding cake.  Some of you know that you also get to taste the cakes – again when you do this and as I was sitting there I realized just how perfect this little bakery really is!
The atmosphere of the bakery is so relaxing that you just want to have a tall cold glass of milk one of their super huge and oh so delicious piece of cakes and just sit there, even maybe read a book.  I wanted to post some photos of the shop from their website for you, then I want you to go by and see it for yourself!  While you are there be sure to buy a piece of cake – you won’t regret it – unless you are one of those folks on a diet 🙂

Anyway, the bride and her mom designed the perfect wedding cake for her and her fiance and I’ll be sure to post photos of that after her wedding in July. 

Sorry had to post the photo of the pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes we bought for my birthday!

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