Jessica & Ernest – Budget Meeting

Yesterday was Jessica and Ernest’s first real meeting with us to go over their budget, possible venues and some design questions!  Jessica and Ernest chose Behind The Scenes Inc to plan out their entire wedding and do the design and decor for them also. 
We are very excited as the couple has chosen a peacock theme for their wedding!  Vibrant purples, blues, greens, along with a hot pink.  This is going to be really fun! 
I did find a great inspiration board online that is pictured above showing colors and the style of wedding that they are looking for.  Yesterday Jessica even chose the linen that she wanted to use as we have a great crinkle that has the exact purple and green colors in it.  The fabric shines and changes color as your guests move about the room and will add just the right touch of elegance that the bride is looking for! 
We’ll keep you posted on Jessica & Ernest’s progress so keep checking back!  I’ve found some other photos that we are going to use as inspiration for Jessica and Ernest!

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