Kiddy & Carlton – September 25, 2010

I have the pleasure of helping a friend plan her wedding day – she met her husband to be at my own wedding 4+ years ago and now they are tying the knot.  I am so happy for them!

Kiddy is a fantastic, fun, energetic, loving, honest person.  She continuously puts other people before herself.  She currently works as a nurse at CMC Hospital in Charlotte, we met when we both used to work for United Healthcare.  Carlton is just plain funny to me, but his heart is as good as gold and he is such a jester! Carlton and my husband David have been friends for many years.  David and I knew that they would be a good match so we matched them up at our wedding.  It would have been rehearsal, but Carlton was just too shy!

Anyway, planning their event has been fun and now its right around the corner!  This is the inspiration that we have used to create their wedding day.  The colors are Carolina Blue (Carlton is a tarheel fan) and pale yellow (Kiddy loves yellow and colors period!) so we are meshing to two to create an elegant and fun look – which will suit both personalities!

She’ll have two signature drinks one blue and one yellow – candle centerpieces filled with gladiolas and a mixture of blue and yellow linens!  Keep looking back we’ll post more about her wedding as planning continues!


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