The Marriage Proposal

My husband plays a big part in my life both personally and professionaly.  He is currently taking classes to help me and my business expand to the next level so I am very appreciative of him and his support.

In his honor we have decided to add some services for your groom!!

How many brides do you think we proposed to at restaurants or outdoor venues and had a wonderful proposal only to be messed up by something, like no money, or bad staffing or maybe the event was fantastic but you have no record of it?  What if you want to get proposed to the right way but know your groom may not have enough time to put it together for you, or maybe he’s just not that romantic to start with. What if you could suggest somewhere your groom to be can go to get everything taken care of for him?

We’ve put together something that is both groom to be friendly and budget friendly!  We’ve called this package – Presentation of the Ring 🙂 It doesn’t have to be the HOPE diamond but it should be sweet, this is what we do:

Have an initial consultation with the groom to be – see what his ideas are, if he has none, we ask questions about you!  Then we build your evening from there it could be:

  • Dinner at a restaurant or at home – you choose the menu in advance (We’ll even have food brought in for you!)
  • Any décor including: Linen, Floral centerpiece, candles for at home or at the restaurant.
  • We make any restaurant reservations and coordinate with staff at the location
  • Process of presentation of ring, could be a huge to do or the ring served with your desert.
  • Box of tissues – just in case!
  • Video or Photography of the event
 What we do is make the groom’s life easier, he comes in makes choices and we put it all together and then document it so you can share the event with your family and friends.  Could life get any easier?  Let us know your thoughts!

Also on the PDF page of our website you can print off the Presentation of the Ring Package and leave it on your grooms to be dresser, in the garage, or on his car seat….no such thing as suttle hints ladies!!

Good Luck!


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