Scent My Wedding!

Bringing Events to Life with Scent – is the tagline to a company that sent me a fantastic package the week before last.  Its called Event Scents.  I have to admit when I got the inital call I was a little leary as anyone is with sales calls, but when I got the package in the mail I was sold.

Event Scents LLC privides different ways to entice your guests with smell.  (other than food) for instance if you are having a butterfly themed wedding you can have your actual ceremony smell like Butterfly fields!  My personal opinion is that I would use this at the ceremony only because hopefully your reception smells like fantastic food!  The scent machines are also great at corporate type events like aroma therapy!

I received a scent machine that is still going in my office and I just love walking in here everyday – not just because I love what I do, but also because it really smells like an ocean breeze!  The machine itself is a little large to place on a reception table but strageticly placed in restrooms, cocktail hour or the ceremony they can be hidden quite well.  I also received some scented sachets that are great for gifts and used in the machine.  Lastly I got some scentsticks which I will suggest to my brides that are doing silk florals as they smell fantsic and can fit in any wedding bouquet quite well!  One of the scents I recevied is called Flower Shoppe and its just fantstic!!

So if you are looking for your event to smell as good as it looks – visit us!  I just loved the idea so much that we signed up to become a vendor in NC!


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