Kiddy & Carlton – some of the details

One of the items on my to do list today is to order the final stationery needs for my September bride and groom.  Their colors are blue and yellow.  The stationary above is what they sent for their invitations with imprint colors of blue and platinum. Their menu cards, escort cards and wedding programs are going to follow the same exact pattern.  Its wonderful to keep everything consistent!

Another duty of ours today with this wedding is to make sure the floor plans are done, centerpieces and linens are ordered and correct.  Today we’ll also make sure that the vendors don’t contact the bride with any issues – that they contact us so she has a full month of relaxation and her own little details to finish.

I’ve included a photo of where the reception is going to be held for you. One of the main things you have to be careful with when planning your own wedding is space and table sizes!  A lot of venues say you can fit 250 people in them or whatever and you can, but it doesn’t work for guests to be comfortable.  They cram tables in so that there isn’t enough space for guests sitting behind each other to get up at the same time.  Another issue – if your table is a 60″ Round – IT ONLY FITS 8 PEOPLE COMFORTABLY!! I can’t tell you how many venues say that it fits 10 and it does if you don’t want any elbow room.  Make sure your wedding planner does a floor plan with accurate foot to inch software!

We are shaking things up for the ceremony by cutting the space in half and draping white fabric to separate the two unique spaces.  Guests are going to come into the ceremony tent and have a glass of champagne and then sit in the chairs for the ceremony.  When the ceremony is over they will return to the other half of the tent for cocktails and light hor’dourves.  In addition we will be removing some of the ceremony chairs and placing tall cocktail tables and some seated tables for the older guests. 

This event is turning out to be a fantastic and beautiful challenge for us!


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