Breakfast At Tiffany’s Inspired Wedding

Yesterday afternoon we had the privelage of meeting with a bride that is looking for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired ceremony and reception.  She loves the Tiffany blue, white and silver colors and is really looking for something quite different.  We came up with some really great ideas for her and of course she loved them all! 🙂

Her ceremony is going to be held at Finch Chapel, this Chapel is already beautiful, its actually fantastic without any decor at all!  We are going to provide feather balls to go down the aisle on the floors, for her pews we are going to drape pearls and crystal like jewerly (not on each just on every other one, don’t want to over do it!) and then we are going to have two large floral arrangements to cement the alter area.  The pastor will stand between these two along with the bride and groom.  The floral arrangements are going to be all white with white ostrich feathers to bring in the Tiffany theme. 

The photo below is a photo of some decor we did at a wedding last year at Finch Chapel, see how beautiful it is?

Her reception is going to be at The Grandover.  Let’s see if i can get you to see the picture of the reception like I do….

Silver Chavari Chairs, white table linens, Silver Charger Plates, Tiffany Blue Satin napkins wrapped in hand made pearl necklace napkin holders, tiffany blue colors favor boxes at the top of the silver charger, table numbers in Tiffany Blue with white numbers in pearls attached.  The centerpieces will be a mix of the large feather ones pictured below and the lower hurricane vases wrapped in feathers (similar photo below), instead of a candle the inside will be filled with a mix of pearls and crystals.

Its going to be fantastic!!


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