Hot New Product – Photo Skirts

Personalized Photo Skirts are one of those new products that instantly became a “must-have”. At a time when brides are reluctantly cutting back on a few things to save money, this is an affordable wow-factor to enhance your wedding. Photo Skirts provide photo-realistic, full color, custom imprinted, table-covers for 6-foot banquet tables. Your engagement photo, or any favorite picture, along with your names and wedding date are inserted into your favorite design to give it a custom feel.

Imagine your guests coming into the venue and trying to determine which room you are in. It’s typical to look for signage to find the correct room. Usually they look for a familiar face to help guide their way. What if you had a large photo of the two of you, and your names splashed across a beautiful, colorful Photo Skirts table-cover? Now imagine if it was positioned next to the door you want your guests to enter! On that table they would find your escort cards directing them where to sit. How cool is that?!

This process is not silk screening or “iron on”. It actually embeds the colors into the fibers, creating a much more durable and color vibrant product. There are many designs and colors to choose from to match your theme. With several practical uses, you may have difficulty choosing which way to use it. At the wedding reception, the obvious options are the place card table, gift table, cake table, head table, sweet table, and even the DJ table. At only $199 each, you might find yourself buying more than one.

Elegant designs vary from traditional to ultra modern. Unlike flowers, chair covers, or even your wedding dress; Photo Skirts have the potential to be used again and again. Use it at your wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, the wedding reception, and don’t forget to bring it out for all your anniversary parties!

Give us a call at 336-375-3164 or shoot us an e-mail today and we’ll get to designing your custome table cover!


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