Clarion Fall 2010 Bridal Show

Just this past Sunday we had the honor of being a vendor at the Clairon Hotel’s Fall 2010 Bridal Show.  I really love doing this show because we pretty much have the run of the room with no other wedding planners there and we get to choose colors and fabric combinations in our set ups that some brides are afraid to try!

This past Sunday we did 3 different table set ups.  The first one is a black & white damask with red highlights.  We split the table in half so you can see the table with more black highlights or with more red highlights:

Then we also did my favorite the Royal Blue and Chocolate table with Ivory centerpieces and lots of candles in between!
And lastly – which was a great hit of the show, a purple and teal table.  This was supposed to be our marketing table, but last minute decided to skip the marketing and get creative to show the brides attending what we can do!

Our brides are brides that love to step out of the box and create something just fantastic that their guests will talk about for ages!  We’d love to hear your comments on these show photos.

We’ll be at the Greensboro Coliseum for the bridal show in January and have great plans already for that!


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