The end of our wedding season

For us this weekend marks the end of wedding season.  😦 No more weddings until 2011.  I’ve posted some photos below of our weddings this year.  We worked hard and pleased well!

Its sad, but its also a good thing.  This means that for our 2011 brides we can focus this time on getting them organized and some of the details out of the way early.  Makes it easier on our brides too when around the holidays friends and family are asking “So, what is your wedding going to look like?”  They will actually be able to answer!

Its also the season for bridal shows and other fantastic events.  We are planning some great events, one for this fall season open to brides and wedding professionals – Creating a Creative Wedding.  We are also participating in the Carolina Wedding Show in Greensboro, organizing the Brides Against Breast Cancer Event in Raleigh, along with the Brides Against Breast Cancer Event in Greensboro, and we’ll know by the middle of next month if we are organizing a Bridal Luncheon in Greensboro.  Don’t think we aren’t keeping busy!

This time of year also gives us a great opportunity to go around to all of the venues and say hello, visit other wedding professionals and plan to be super busy for 2011.

I think I forgot to mention one thing…. Oh yeah!! We are bringing……….DAVID TUTERA……to Charlotte!!  I am so excited about this opportunity!! We are designing a luncheon and an evening reception for him!  Talk about pulling out all the stops…there are none going to be taken here.  You can register for this event now!

I’m a little burned out for 2010, but heading to the Association of Bridal Consultants Annual Conference in a week and a half, so I’ll be renewed and ready to go when I get back!!


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