The Proposal Awards

Brides Magazine is looking for the Best Proposals in America!

We want to help you win this award!  They are looking for entries in the following categories:

  • Romantic
  • Adventurous
  • A Big Flub
  • Funny
  • Non-Traditional

For each entry received, Waterford will donate $10 to Operation Smile, a medical charity that helps children worldwide who are suffering from facial deformities to find their happily ever after through free life-changing surgery.

What do you win?

  • A Sandals Honyemoon
  • A Wedding Dress From Paloma Blanca
  • Your own Waterford Crystal
  • Your Proposal in Brides Magazine
  • and of course the honor of helping Brides provide life-changing surgery to children!

If your to-be hasn’t proposed yet…have him give us a call and we’ll help!!


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