The Business of Brides 2010 Annual Conference – Hot, Hott, Haute Phoenix, AZ

Just this past Sunday I had the great opportunity to fly to Phoenix Arizona and attend the Hot, Hott, Haute Association of Bridal Consultants annual conference.

Not only did I get the chance to learn from the best and meet a whole bunch of people that work in my industry, but I also go the chance to see some really great room designs.  Keynote speakers this year were Sasha Souza, David Tutera, Alan Berg and Andy Ebon. 

It was a very hectic 3 days!  From the time my plane landed at 1:05pm Arizona time we were off and running.  We had our State Coordinator meeting at 3pm then right into classes at 4pm then back to a destination Mexico Weddings class at 4:45pm then at 6:30 we had our opening reception – Red Haute Couture – and let me tell you it sure was red hott!! By the time I got back to my hotel room it was about midnight – Arizona time so 2am our time!

On Monday it was up early and down to breakfast by 7:30am for the Eco Chic Breakfast, we snuck a peek at the trade show, then onto the welcome and opening remarks, right into a great skit by Mary Dann and Elise Enole about Gadgets, Gizmo’s and Great Little Ideas.  They announced the 9 new masters at this session.    Then we had to head right to our first session.  I took the class Wedding Tech which was taught by Candace Benson.  Lunch was – Haute Water Luncheon – a fantastic sea of blue tables and chairs. Then to the next two sessions – for me it was My Attitude My Choice by Alan Berg – he is inspiring, a great man and I was truly honored to be one of the selected few to attend this session.  Once we were finished with those two sessions we went to Weddings by Design: Inspiration to Completion – Sasha Souza, MBC.  Talk about inspiring, full of energy and total honesty.    Got to meet her briefly and took a great photo op!!  Then it was onto the evening event – Haute Romance at the Castle.

For Tuesday it was a jam packed day also.  Breakfast started at 8:15am the winner of the Miss Dorothy Award was Mary Chamoli!! There wasn’t a person more deserving of the award!!  Unfortunately Mary has also had to resign her state coordinator position – I am truly going to miss her, but I wish her the best!  The sessions I attended on Tuesday were HOTT structures, tents, canopies, Chuppahs and Mandaps, Powerful transformations using Drape & Lighting and We are not the enemy presented by a great friend Mark Kingsdorf.  We had a great Haute International Luncheon, the room was divided into four countries with food to match!  Today was also David Tutera’s presentation of Creating Wedding Stories.  Not only did he answer almost every question shot at him, but he inspired and showed us a side of him most folks don’t get to see.  This was a great time for another photo op! 🙂  Then it was onto the Hot & Spicy Sunset dinner!!!

Wednesday was still quite full as we had a breakfast and then a State Coordinators meeting that could have went on for a few more days, but we did hear about lots of great and fantastic changes coming our way!  I had to get back on the plane to head home, but some of our folks went to the Mountain, Lakes and Desert wedding site tours!

A learning experience rivaled by no other!!  If your wedding professional does not attend conferences and seminars similar to this – how do you think they get inspired or learn new information – guess what…they can’t!!

I’ll be posting some photos on our website tomorrow.  Its taking me longer than I thought to sort through the 600 some odd photos that I took.


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