The Art of the Thank You

One thing I love to do around this time of year is get myself organized.  Sometimes during a heavy wedding season things become unorganized.  Not that I can’t find anything but I may run out of Thank you cards, and I won’t order new ones because I don’t have the time so I’ll use something else and send a quick note. 

Since I am a business owner that is really unacceptable as I have to keep everything consistant so my clients know that its from me.  This year I have decided to order twice as many Thank you notes with matching blank note cards.

I think the Art of the Thank You has been lost, mainly because its easier to send a super fast e-mail then to actually write one out and let someone know that you appreciate them.

In lieu of this I will offer anyone ordering personal stationery by December 31, 2010 a 30% discount off of your ENTIRE order!  These are custom and very inexpensive!! Call or come in today to order yours!


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