Using Lighting & Draping for your wedding decor

One big fad now is adding lighting and draping to your ceremony and reception rooms. Using lighting and draping can transform any space from drab to fab! What most brides miss – it is expensive and time consuming, so be sure to plan this part of your event very carefully.

Draping is when fabric is hung all around the outside of the ceremony or reception space. Most times it’s hung on freestanding pipes so as not to ruin the walls of your wedding venue. Draping can also be used on the ceilings more than 15 feet high to create even more ambiance or to create an entire new space – and even to hide flaws of your current wedding venue. Ceiling treatments can either hide the entire ceiling or highlight a chandelier or lighting or they can be partial and show off some of the venue’s own unique ceiling.

When using draping for your event consider using different kinds of pipes in different areas so add texture to the walls. For instance concave and convex crossbars can be used to create a fluid motion around the room (and can event hide things behind them, like lighting equipment). Another option would be to use drape on drape adaptors and use two different color fabrics adding more color and texture to the walls.

Draping comes in many different colors and fabrics so the options are absolutely endless!

As for lighting, the most popular is uplighting (which goes around the walls) and then pin spotting (which highlights your centerpieces or cake from the ceiling). When hiring someone to do the lighting for your event please make sure that they are using LED lights. These types of lights don’t get hot, so guests can’t burn themselves on them or they won’t catch your draping on fire. If the company you are considering uses “cans” then you might want to reconsider, as “can” lights get VERY hot and when left on for several hours can be very dangerous.

Using lighting and draping for your event can be fun and very unique. You can change the colors every 30 minutes if you choose and create a new event each and every time!

Happy Planning!


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