August’s Peacock Themed Wedding

One thing I love about my job is the creative aspect of it.  I get to lead brides into a direction that they’ve never even thought of going.

Marcia & Terrell didn’t know what to expect when they hired us to do the decor for their wedding day.  Marcia had said she wanted a peacock theme.  Well to me a theme should be carried throughout the entire event and it should be shown in a way that your guests shouldn’t even have to think about the theme of the decor for your wedding day.  Using just colors is fine, but a theme – well – it has another twist to it.

This is the story board for Marcia & Terrell’s wedding day, we’ll be using peacock blue table linens and chair covers in crushed romance fabrics along with teal satin napkins and chair sashes!  Everything will be peacock blue or teal green – except for the brides bouquet and groom’s bout which are going to be black calla lillies! 

Be sure to let me know your thoughts!


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