How do you highlighting that fantastic wedding cake?

One really great trend right now is really highlighting your wedding cake.  If you are spending approx $500 or more for your wedding cake – you should highlight it!  The most common error is to forget to dress the cake table or place the cake in an area where all of our guests aren’t able to see this wonderful tasting piece of art.

What not to do:

Some ideas on table placement:

1.  Do not put the cake in a corner of the room.  This means that some of your guests will never see the cake – or will have to make it across the room to see it.
2.  Don’t use white linens on the table if your cake is white.  This makes for bad photos, white on white – use linen in your wedding color.  Belive it or not – they are the same price so don’t worry about cost.
3.  Do not place the cake near the dance floor – if you aren’t going to cut it first. If you do this – please cut the cake immediatly after you finish your first dance – or at least before the party gets going.

Things to do:

1.  Place the cake nearest the sweetheart table. While you are on display, why not display the cake too.

2.  If using a head table put the cake on a riser behind the bride and groom.  Easy enough for most venues to do – at no additional cost.
3.  Talk to your baker about the best way to showcase the cake.  They are the professional and the only ones who really know what your cake is going to look like…so ask!  Even ask your wedding coordinator or designer to make sure that your cake has its 15 minutes of fame!

Try draping your cake also.  A cake drape is a display that goes around your cake, similar to a small tent or canopy.  It really draws your wedding guests over to the cake area and really adds great decor to your wedding reception.

Every weekend there is at least one couple that has spent a lot of money on a great tasting and great looking cake.  Yes, I know the cake gets eaten and enjoyed, but it should be seen also.


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