Can’t afford a videographer – check out this new invention!

When I was out in Phoeniz, AZ at the Association of Bridal Consultants Annual Business of Brides conference I got to meet some really great people with some really cool products!  Here is just one of them:

Say you want a video of your ceremony and reception but can’t afford to hire a videographer.  Nor do you have the skills or the equiptment to edit a raw video to make it perfect to view by friends and family later.  Contact the people at iDo Cam!

With iDOcam you can have a professionally edited wedding video at an amazing price. Starting at just $299!

The iDOcam is the option for couples not investing in professional videography for their wedding. Maybe your budget just isn’t there for a professional videographer. Perhaps you want a more intimate wedding day experience. Whatever your motivation you don’t have to miss the memorable moments or settle for purely amateur results.

Rent one or more iDOcams and give them to your bridal party, family or friends to use to record your day. Then send the cameras back to us and you will receive one or more of the following.

• A professionally edited video of your wedding.
• Your edited wedding video hosted online to share with your family and friends.
• All the raw footage to watch and enjoy.
• All of the original HD video files.

Isn’t this a great idea!  Check them out at you can even ask your wedding coordinator to have someone do this for you!
• You save money.
• You get a professionally edited wedding video.
• Your iDOcam users will have fun, be more connected and more involved in your wedding day experience.
• Your guests will have a blast with this fun and unobtrusive approach to documenting the day.
• Your wedding day memories will be recorded and preserved in high quality, high definition video.

Just one more thing to made a decision on.


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