Yes I am a steelers fan!!

Today the Steelers are yet again playing in the Super Bowl! If they win this today it will be #7 under their belt and Big Ben’s third Super Bowl ring!  I’m excited to watch the game tonight, but I am always thinking wedding so why not today too? 

I would have loved to have a Steeler wedding – and I’m sure my mom would have loved that too, but my husband is a Redskins fan so the only thing Steeler and Redskin at my wedding was the garter – I kept the Steeler one and threw the Redskin one!! 

Take a look at a bunch of really great photos we found (and a couple of my own) of past Pittsburgh Steeler / Yellow and Black weddings:



One thought on “Yes I am a steelers fan!!

  1. Shannon Hegger says:

    I am a die-hard Steelers fan as well. I joke to my boyfriend all the time about how he is going to convince me to have a Steeler wedding, looking at these pictures, I am kind of convinced myself. haha. They're all so beautiful! Too bad we couldn't have gotten that 7th win.

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