Ideas and Trends….my own thoughts.

You know this year I have been blessed with those few brides that think out of the box, and I am so grateful.  We have a bride that is actually sticking to a theme, a bride doing a reverse wedding (doing the reception before the ceremony) and another bride that is just creating her wedding day the way that they want it!

One of the things that I get asked is about new trends in weddings and I’ll have to say that the newest trend is YOU!  When you are planning your wedding day, use what you like, what you want to eat, your favorite colors, throw caution to the wind and have fun with it.  The only thing that makes each wedding unique is you, so why would you not show that in your wedding day?  Don’t like white chair covers don’t use them! 

Want a theme – don’t say I want to do a theme and then not follow through with it.  If you are going to do something do it all the way, same as you would in life.  Take a risk – they usually pan out.  Colors?  What your favorite and his – then mix them!  Have fun with it, it makes your wedding day more personal and interesting.

Show your wedding day guests who you are individually and then as a couple, if they don’t like it…then they can leave, its about the two of you today!  I told this wonderful couple today that if they don’t want to have a 200 person wedding because mom says so and wants to invite her co-workers, yet she’s not paying for it, then you don’t have to do it.  Mom will get over it and enjoy the quite ceremony that they plan to now have in Antigua!

I am truly a blessed wedding planner and I hope that my brides think or feel blessed because they have me.


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