I’m being put in jail!!

This coming May 19th – I am being “locked up!”.  I’m going to jail to help raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and I need your help.  If I raised $3,200 they’ll let me out – otherwise I’m staying until that money is raised!  I received a letter from the little boy that I’ll be helping and this is his photo and what his letter said:

Hello! My name is Kelby and I am 11 years old.  My favorite time of summer is MDA Summer Camp.  I get to meet new frineds and so some fun things.  I like to swim in the pool.  I like to take motorcycle rids and mos of all I like the firefighters and their fire trucks.  Last year the firefighters cooked supper for us and it was really good.  That was my favorite part.  I would not be able to go to camp if it wasn’t for your help.  Thank you for helping me raise money for me to be able to go to camp – Kelby Oakley

I am asking for you to donate to help get me out of jail.  You can donate online – right here – or you can come out to our offices on May 19th at 11am and donate in person.  At 11am the police will be there to take me away and Jean and I (for a while) will have Krispy Kreme donuts for all that help Kelby get to camp and help keep me out of Jail!

What your dollars buy:

$30 Flu Shot
$74 One minute of research
$100 One support group session
$150 One occupational, physical, respiratory or speech therapy consultation
$300 Professional fees related to initial diagnostic work up at an MDA Clinic
$500 Annual repairs of durable medical equiptment
$800 Week at MDA Summer camp for one child

76% of every dollar MDA spends goes directly to research, services and education, 15% to fund raising and 9% to administration costs.


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