What is the perfect wedding timeline?

Almost every week I get asked by brides – “Well…what would you do?” So I’m going to tell you what I would do.  If I were to get married…again, this would be my perfect wedding scenario (Please remember: everyone is different so your ideal wedding should differ).

Friday morning on a bright yet cool day in October I would wake up about 10am (yeah right!) and slide down the stairs to find my family already up and making breakfast, my girls, my parents, my brother, and my husband (we are renewing our vows tomorrow).  Since my family mostly lives out of town this afternoon they will be flying in or driving down from PA to spend the weekend with us.  We have a block of rooms and a hospitality suite booked at the Sheraton.

As we eat breakfast we are going over the plans for the day – the huge picnic (rehearsal dinner) in our backyard, who is picking up whom and where and finalizing all the last minute details for the picnic this afternoon/evening.  At about 4pm we head off to Bryan Park for the rehearsal, but its only our parents and kids participating in the wedding this time. Of course everyone comes on time and in place and has a great time at the rehearsal dinner.

On Saturday its a different feeling because I know me and I would wake up with the OCD running full steam ahead.  This time I would go to the venue and do the set up by myself, then come home, take a quick shower and put on a pretty green dress (no more wedding gowns for me), my hubby (David) would don his suit with a handsome matching green tie and we would head to Bryan Park as a family.  I wouldn’t want to do any of the walking down the aisle kind of thing, I just want to be assembled and standing there where the officiant – Pamela DuVal of Promised Hearts Inc would be standing to renew our vows.  I already know I would cry anyway, because that is just me.  I also know that my husband would too, and my girls, well they would make everyone laugh.

Once the deed is done again I would love to head to the other side of Bryan Park and have dinner and lots of fun with lots of dancing.  I would love to have Tracy of A&A Disc Jockey DJ my vow renewal as he did my first wedding and I would love to have my cake by Maxie B’s, what flavor of cake – I am truly not sure as I like every single flavor they have! 🙂  I would however love to have the chocolate fountain again – but this time I would make sure that I not only get to see it, but get to eat some from it also.

Almost forgot – my flowers, this time I would love to have real flowers done by Occasions by Emily in Asheville, as I think that she is the only one that would see my vision.

So now you have an idea of what I would like to do – let me show  you some photos of the decor that I love!


My first wedding was an orange and green color scheme and I would like to keep my vow renewals that way also – if it works don’t fix it! 🙂  I’ll post some of my own wedding pictures on my 5th Anniversary, this coming June 10th! 🙂


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