Photographers and their contracts….

I most likely should do this blog in two posts, but I think it all intermingles so I’m going to write my thoughts anyway.

As a planner I require copies of all signed contracts.  Why?  Two reasons, so my brides get what they pay for and two so I can keep track of budget and timeline issues, contracts should supply all the information that I need to get my job done.  In addition the contracts should contain information so the bride and groom also know what’s going on, and of course the information should be in there so the PHOTOGRAPHER knows what they are supposed to do, when and where.

I got a really bad photography contract today so I hope that person is reading this and revises their contract.  I’ve listed what the photography contract should have in it.  If you are a bride or another planner reading this – please DO NOT SIGN IT until this information is listed!!

1.  The Photographer should list their company name, contact name, address, including city state and zip, two phone numbers – office and cell (if available) fax, email and website.  The basis, but I can tell you most skip this VERY important part!

2.  Date of the Wedding

3.  Insurance – do they have the appropriate business insurance, if you do then you should add it in your contract.  If you don’t then  you should state that also – or get some.

4.  Location of Ceremony and Reception – including addresses!!  So the bride can’t tell you that you were at the wrong address or so you don’t have to call the bride to find out where you are supposed to go.

5.  Start time and ending time – and if they want you to go over time, what do you charge?

6.  The amount of your package, what it includes and the payment schedule.

7.  If doing engagement or bridal portraits, set the date and time and locations, list those in your contract.

8.  Names of the photographers on site that day.

9.  You sickness, cancellation or act of God clause.

10.  What you are going to wear to the wedding should be listed.

11.  Traveling to multiple locations clause

12.  How long does it take you to get the proofs up on your website?  List the date that the brides photos will be ready by and where she can go to see them, include any user name or password here also.

13.  Once ordered how long will it take them to receive prints?

14.  How long do you keep the negatives?

15.  Retouching or wedding album information

16.  Additional prints.

Adding this information would truly make any photographers life a little easier, as I wouldn’t have to call to ask all this information.  One of the key things missing is the name of the business and contact information.

I hope this helps someone a bride hiring her photographer or of course a photographer.

Happy Planning!



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