Photographers and Planners

I love seeing the photos of weddings once past, not only do I use them to submit to magazines of course, but also to see any errors I may have made, maybe a wrong napkin fold or something is crooked. 

The problem is there are some photographers that won’t share the wonderful photos with planners.  I think this is really sad, and could potentially hurt a photogrpahers future business, not only with that planner, but with also the people that planner tells of their experience.

I do understand that the photographers own the copywrite to the photos, but what is wrong with watermarking them and giving the planner a partial photo release?  We use these photos to submit to publications or for our own portfolio.  With the photographers watermark on them is a free advertisement for you each time we show these photos to a potential client.

In addition planners make the error of not working with the photographer throughout the planning process.  the Photographer is key when creating a timeline for the wedding day, as the Bride wants all the memories that she can get, but if you don’t time it right TOGETHER she won’t get that option.

We should all be working together to benefit the bride.


2 thoughts on “Photographers and Planners

  1. LindsayHessPhoto says:

    as a photographer, I always give everyone involved who asks digital copies & offer to make postcards & other advertising materials for planners & florists. We have to work together to get ahead in this business!

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