Your caterers contract – what should it include?

If its one thing that I love to do while planning weddings its tastings! 🙂 They are fun and you get to try lots of great and different types of food.  After you have chosen your caterer and have done your tasting and chosen your menu comes the awful, but necessary contract.  I’ve listed some items below for you to make sure that you have in your contract.  If they aren’t in there call your caterer and ask that they be put in, because if anything happens all that is binding is what is on those sheets of papers.  The items that should be in there:

  • Wedding Date
  • Contact information, contact name, company name, address, phone, website and email
  • Date final headcount is due
  • Tasting date and time
  • Attire
  • How many servers will be provided at this price.
  • Pricing package, including appitizers and meal
  • Set up time and serving times
  • Clean up times and description of what they clean up
  • Dishes, utinsils, glasses, etc that will be provided.
  • Can they cut and serve the cake
  • Information about bar and bar tenders
  • Cost of drinks on the bar, or consumption prices
  • If using your own liquor, corkage fees, refunds for unopened bottles, what if  you run out?
  • Liquor Liability information – this is KEY!
  • Deposit and payment schedule
  • What happens if there are more/less people?
  • Description of anything else included.
  • If they are providing linens – view them first!
  • Cancellation policy

Hopefully this helps someone!  Happy Planning!!


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