Thinking of putting your wedding photos on canvas?

Yesterday I received an email from asking if I would like to try a new product for free.  Well, if you know me I love the “F” word – FREE.

Anyway, I logged on to see first how much time this would take me to figure it out, and I was pleasantly suprised as I wasn’t going to try and create one, because I thought it would take forever, as I was hunting it took me more time to choose which photo than it did for me to create the product!  I won’t tell you which photo I chose just yet, lets see how the product comes back.

I did also take some time to browse their idea gallery and the all important pricing information,  I was pleasanlty suprised there too, as it was more reasonable than I thought and the options for the photos and building the canvas were great, but not too many which helps also.

So take some time out and check out their website  If the canvas comes back like the photos on their website, I think I’ll be purchasing a couple more!!


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