What if it rains on your wedding day?

Then you should get your money back! 🙂  Well, we know that won’t happen for everything, but what if you can get your wedding coordinators fee returned to you by your wedding coordinator?  Now that I’ve got your attention read this story:

Gloria wanted to get married outdoors and had great plans for her wedding day, but she was still smart in making sure that she had a plan B.  On the day of her wedding it poured and she didn’t want to make the decision to have the wedding inside, by the time she did her wedding coordinator had to work double time to get all of the outdoor decorations in and make the plan B room look halfway decent.  In doing this the wedding coordinator had to call in help, which she will end up having to charge the bride for.  The delay in making the indoor/outdoor decision ended up pushing this brides wedding back a full hour, adding on extra time for the wedding coordinator, venue, DJ, caterer, etc and a lot of extra charges that the bride and groom weren’t prepared for.

Gloria was smart in that she purchased a Big Day Umbrella policy from her wedding coordinator during planning her wedding and by the time she got back from her honeymoon she had a check from her wedding coordinator for the full fee, less any last minute charges.  She could then use this money to pay the extra fees for her venue, photographer, DJ, Caterer, Limo, etc.  So it really did turn out to be the wedding of her dreams after all.

Now the questions – what is Big Day Umbrella Insurance?  Its an insurance policy that you can take out ONLY through a wedding coordinator that earns you his/her full fee back if it rains on your wedding day.  Now you can even choose how much it could rain, actually its pretty interesting.  Think about it – if it rains who is the one letting the other wedding professionals what the plan is? Who is the one making the decisions while you are putting on your dress – your wedding coordinator.  You could even use this money to give her a great tip! 🙂

For more information about the Big Day Umbrella policy please feel free to give us a call and we’ll try to answer all of your questions or you can email us for more information.  All of our current clients, you’ll be receiving some information from us shortly!


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