Is Day of / Month of Coordination the right thing to do for our brides – and our business?

Ever since seeing David Tutera this past April and hearing what he had to say to both brides and planners really had me thinking about removing this package offering from our list of services available.

David told audience’s that when you hire a day of coordinator not only are you shorting yourself, but if you are a planner offering that service you are also being shorted.  He went onto explain the reasons why and answered several audience questions about the topic.  I left the seminar thinking that I needed to make changes, but was afraid to take that step.  I went back to my office to see how many brides hired us for day of vs. full packages and was surprised to learn its actually more full details than partial.

So over all if you are a bride and hiring a day of coordinator, you are shorting yourself because a planner that is with you from start to finish knows more about your, your finance and your family and can make things happen the way that you actually want them to happen rather than coming in and trying to implement what you’ve already planned.

If you are a planner and offering these packages you are shorting yourself because to do it right you truly have to spend a lot of time and ask a lot of questions and then you still won’t have the whole story, not only that you’ve been spending almost as much time on day of as you do with a full package.

I could go into more detail, but I won’t because I think if you are reading this you already know the disadvantages from both sides of the rail. 

Last words, I am taking a chance in my business getting rid of this package, but my brides are those that need me there through the entire process and I need them during that process too.  My dream is to make fantastic weddings I want the bride and her family to just be floored and excited for the couple and me being there every step of the way is the only way that Behind The Scenes Inc wants to do it!

No half steppin’ here!


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