Some last minute details a bride shouldn’t miss

I was trying to think of some quick tips for brides, but there really is no such thing as a quick tip – it might take me a minute to write it but much longer for someone to do it :).  So instead, its some last minute details that brides sometimes shouldn’t miss….

1.  Have one of your attendants either at your final dress fitting so she can learn how to bustle your dress.  Either that or try it on again just a day or two before the wedding and show her then how to bustle the dress.  This could save you precious time on your wedding day.

2.  Be sure to test any new makeup & hair products about a month before the wedding – to make sure you won’t have any allergic reactions!

3.  Make a shot list for your photographer of all the family photos that you might want, but then you’ll have to make sure that you know you may not get all of them and you have to know that your photographer isn’t going to know who Aunt Laverne is so you may want to assign a family member to bring your loved ones to the photographer.

4.  Be sure to pack two bags for wedding day, one bag for your honeymoon, you can transfer over anything that you are using to get ready right before the ceremony – but please note – all bags should be packed up before the ceremony starts, this does include the bridesmaids personal effects also.  The second bag should be the bag of items that you need for that day only before the ceremony starts a bridesmaid can put that bag in her car and get it back to you after your honeymoon.  This makes things simplier later for all involved.

5.  When those doors open and you see that aisle – DON’T WALK – wait just 10 little seconds, look at your guests, they are all there to see you, look at your groom and take it all in….then begin that walk to the next chapter in your life.


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