Want to wear your wedding dress one more time?

Yes!? Then please come on down to New Bern, NC and support the Cervical Cancer Foundation at the Brides Ball!

Event Details

 The Brides Ball is an event to help raise awareness and funds for cervical cancer research. 
Cervical Cancer Awareness & Screening for Women in Need.  
It is a subject near to my heart & there is a real need.  Cervical cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women worldwide with approximately 471,000 new cases diagnosed each year and about 310,000 dying from this disease. 

It might feel overwhelming, but what if we began to chip away at those statistics by helping women better understand the importance of preventative care? What if we help women find access to care so that disease could be found earlier, and treated sooner, so every woman has a fighting chance? What if, one by one, we spread this message of empowerment to every woman, everywhere?
  We invite you to wear your wedding dress or tuxedo again & re-live the wonderful memories of your wedding day, whether it was recent or years ago! 
 Almost every woman wants to wear her wedding dress again. The Brides Ball offers the perfect opportunity for women and men to experience a night they’ll always remember, and support a great cause.  Brides get the chance to re-live the magic & memories without the stress. Rather not wear your wedding gown, no problem.  Any formal or semi-formal dress will be perfect!
Brides-To-Be get to see glamorous gowns, beautiful decorations and have the experience before their big day. You can invite all your current or past bridesmaids, groomsmen, family & friends! Ladies can wear their wedding gown, or any semi-formal dress, while the men are welcome to wear a tux or suit. 
    Regardless of your marital status, The Brides Ball is giving men and women of all ages and marital status a fabulous reason to feel like a king and queen for an evening.

There will be door prizes, auction items, entertainment and on-site portraits! For an additional fee, you and your sweetheart can even renew your vows! 
Fun for everyone!

 Our fundraising efforts improve the organization’s ability to educate the public and health professionals, and support women battling pre-cancerous conditions.   
 As a nonprofit organization, we are dependent in large part on the generosity and creativity of our members, neighbors and friends.  There are endless opportunities to give back, either by attending or by sponsoring The Brides Ball.  
 For more information visit our blog and facebook page:  http://thebridesball.blogspot.com/  
 Please help us spread the word.  We have flyers and posters available.
We are also accepting donations for the silent auction.


One thought on “Want to wear your wedding dress one more time?

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