My take on some up and coming wedding trends

Since the year is over halfway over I can give you my view on some of the wedding trends that we’ll see next year. I always have to remember also that we are about a good 9 months behind the magazines and blogs, here in the wonderful state of North Carolina….

I never give predictions on color, because I think that the wedding colors you choose should be chosen from the couple’s personality.  For instance if you have a fiery personality why not a deep red and if your groom is clam and cool add in a nice green.  This year I have seen way too much of “Guava” from David’s Bridal so I am hoping that trend disappears…just a little! 🙂

Wedding Man Caves
This is a male only room for the groom and men attending the wedding – or sometimes its used before the ceremony by the groom and groomsmen.  It can host a brandy bar, cigar roller, blackjack table, PlayStation, etc.

Pre-Wedding PJ Parties
Enjoy a night of bonding and pampering with your bridesmaids the night before the wedding.  I did see events like this cease, but I think the trend is starting to pick back up.

Food Trucks
Sidewalk carts during cocktail hour serving finger foods or fantastic ice cream treats at an outdoor wedding.

Video Guest Books
A “confessional” style video booth for your guests to say a few words to you.  Should be complete with sofa and background to make things more interesting, private so other guests can’t hear and have clear directions on how they turn on and off the camera.

I think these items are fun and help keep guests entertained.  When there isn’t an element of surprise in a wedding we see guests leaving after the something sweet…..

Happy Planning!


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