Want to keep that wedding day wine bottle?

I do know that we women can sometimes get very sentimental about certain things…ok, ok, about most things! What if you could tell your wedding planner to put away that wonderful bottle of champagne that you and your new husband drank during your reception and mail it off to get something way better back?

This past week at the Association of Bridal Consultants Business of Brides Conference I learned about a great new company that can do just that for you!

They are a small family business made of mother, father, and daughter located in the Pacific Northwest. They have over 30 years experience creating stained and fused glass as well as sandblast carving art.

From your special bottle, they create four keepsakes. A 6” anniversary candle engraved with the bride and grooms wedding date and initial, and 3 pendants from the neck of the bottle completed with sterling silver bezels. One for the bride and two matching pendants for the mothers of the bride and groom.

Each step of the process is created by hand, no mass production is used ensuring the integrity of your bottle and your final product is one of a kind. The candle is cut, polished and etched with the personalization of the bride and grooms wedding date and initial using the sandblasting technique. The pendants are created from the remaining glass of the bottle and fired in a kiln at 1600 degrees for over 18 hours, which hardens the glass and gives it that smooth shiny appearance. We hand drill each
pendant and finish with the finest sterling silver to give it a beautiful high quality finish. For the pendants you have a choice- you may choose round, cut from the neck of the bottle leaving a perfect circle. Or you may choose a flat piece. We cut the remaining glass of the bottle and fire it in the kiln to flatten it. The piece is then hand beveled. Both styles are finished the sterling silver bezels.

Be sure to let your wedding planner know that you want to do this – BEFORE – the event, so he/she can get the correct packages ready to mail your bottle off!

If you have your bottle and want us to send it off for you – please feel free to call us at 336-375-3164 and we’ll have you drop it off!


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