Art Vows – a Trend Setter

A new wedding ritual can now forever capture the hopes and dreams of a couple on their special day. As the wedding photos collect dust on a bookshelf, now, a beautiful work of art can adorn your home for a lifetime…ever reflecting the moment that you and your love united. With the launch of Art Vows (, the first of its kind online gallery offering personally significant fine art pieces that honor the love between two souls, 100 works of art by 20 of the finest artists in the world can be personalized to commemorate weddings, renewals of vows, anniversaries, commitment ceremonies or just a random proclamation of love.

Art Vows takes the beauty of what has become a traditional wedding ritual in many cultures, and allows all couples to incorporate the tradition into their wedding ceremony. According to the site’s founder Michael Shapiro, “Many cultures across the centuries have looked to meaningful ways to mark and perpetuate life cycle events. There appears to be something universally appealing about a personalized piece of fine art – that speaks to the aesthetic tastes of the couple as well as containing their names, wedding location and date – that is signed and read aloud at the wedding.”

Offering a wide variety of themes, texts and customization options, Art Vows utilizes state of the art technology that makes it easy for couples to tailor wedding vow art for their particular aesthetic and budget. Couples can choose from a wide variety of art…from dramatic landscapes and still lives to colorful decorative styles and abstracts…and can incorporate either any of the site’s # available texts or a text of their choice from their own wedding vows to their favorite love poem or special song lyrics. Searchable by color, shape, artist, theme or popularity, the site will help visitors find the work of art that truly reflects their love. All are precious works of art, printed in a limited edition on canvas and inks to last a lifetime. The art work is hand numbered and bears the artist’s signature.

If you would like a great sample pack and a discount – call us today at 336-375-3164 or email us at


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